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Potibo Tea strainer Rubber anti scalding cover I Stainless steel Tea filter with easy to clean design & insulated foldable handle I Tea infuser for loose tea with extra fine mesh

Potibo Tea Strainer

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Tea strainer made of stainless steel, food grade and durable material.


“Best Infuser in the Market”

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Completely safe to use as its composition contains no harmful chemicals. Mesh size of tea infuser for loose tea is fine enough to resist even very fine particles to enter your drink and doesn’t allow them to spoil your tea, coffee.

Safeguard: To ensure your protection, the lid of stainless steel tea strainer is specially designed with rubber which protects your hand from burning & after brewing it, you can also use it as a convenient coaster by flipping it over.

Broadly Applicable: Tea strainer for cup, teapot, coffee cup, mug, or soup pot. Best for herbs, seasoning spices, and different types of tea.

Enhanced Features: Extra fine holes, Long and Foldable Handle, Insulated lid, Well designed and easy to clean, Bigger capacity. All these features make this product a best choice.

The Best Tea Infuser

Dual Purpose Lid and Tray: The lid keeps the steeping flavor from evaporating and keeps water warm. Besides, it is a tray, holds the tea infuser, and avoids getting messy.